from by JE DOUBLE F



FF reads the book of the Ninth Gate,
I hate everything from out-space to primate,
I'm irate, no matter what I say,
I started up a cult but my followers all fired me,
It's where I place you: another sheep that can't do,
Nothin' for themselves, a life incited by fake news,
Walk up shits creek, who's a fascist this week?
You're a child with a mouth that's gonna miss teeth,
Spite the rights of those spite their eyes out,
Want to see what the toughest do? Knock and find out,
Matter of fact: you've never had a real fight,
A fight involves a thousand miles traveled in your nearsight,
My mission: to be so strong, no one would dare try to harm us,
I had a vision where you solve your own problems,
Weakness is a personal trait that you love, that I hate,
I'm working hard while you wait, I keep myself safe.
That's why my war is different:
I've seen the world, life and death, cemetery breath,
I've actually taken the time to listen.


from DIRTNAP, released April 15, 2020


all rights reserved



JE DOUBLE F Atlantic City, New Jersey

Nihilist punk rap from Southern New Jersey, USA.

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